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When we say about Devons we very often recall them as "pixies, elves of the cat world" or as a hybrid between cats and dogs. Devons are truly delightful little creatures and it is hard not to fall in love with them. These charming little pixies are very active and curious, taking constant interest in their surroundings. They are absolutely devoted to their owners but also demanding and needy, whose chief joy is to be around people. Devons awfully happy to be on your knee or when folded in your arms. They constantly purr, snort and even coo while watching birds through the window, and a good wag of the tail lets you know they are happy.

Devons are very sociable and open cats, they always rush to meet you at the door when you arrive home after your working day and to demonstrate to you how badly they missed you being alone. They love sleeping next to you under your blanket at night, and most of them ready to have a morning shower with you only to be near their dear owners. People really are the main focus of this breed from their first clumsy steps at the age of three weeks. As if their mission in life is to find your tender hands and sit on your warm lap. They have a lovable character, however they can beg or filch a tasty piece of food from your table. But may be this is simply a trick to contact with you. Attention and love is the key to your life together with Devons. They are clowns. They are favourites. They are emotionally connected with their owners.

More and more people are becoming pixilated. These nice creatures caused phenomental growth in popularity cats as pets. They have pleasant voice, need to be with people. They wonderfully exist next to allergic people. Having a Devon Rex is magic. Whatever you bestow upon Devons, they give back tenfold.


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