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to the pages of my site of monobreeding cattery of Devon Rex Golden Elf.

Welcome to our web-site page of the mono-breed cattery of Devon Rex Golden Elf. My small mono-breed cattery is located in Samara and is registered in FIFE, WCF, CFA systems. The cats of our cattery visit exhibitions and have reached good results, with which you can get acquainted on our page. All the cats of the cattery live in our big flat, full of love, care and understanding. They are members of our family. We respect their rights and don't support the idea of keeping a pet in a cage. We sell the kittens when they reach the age of 3 months, so to this time and they are already adapted to the environment. The cats of our cattery are held in best conditions, have special high-quality and expensive treatment in vet-hospitals. They have all the necessary medical insurance. All animals of Golden Elf cattery are tested. Tests March 2011 FIP-negative (blood and smear rectum), FIV-negative, FLF-negative. Tests June 2012, May 2013, January 2014, September 2015, July, November 2016, August 2017, May 2018. Our family doesn't spend the money, earned in for selling, for private purposes. This money are used for vet-treatment, special accessories for pets, extra premium class food and presentations in the international exhibitions. We try to make the most convenient conditions for pets while visiting exhibitions and they feel comfortable in the train, in the light and clean hotel-rooms. They are free to move and don't feel stress being close to us. That's why every exhibition seems to be the cats' holiday! Our family loves Devon Rex cats, as every Devon is individuality, and we wish we could leave all of them with us. Unfortunately, it's impossible, so our cats can become the favourite magic Elf of your family, bring you and your nearest joy and happiness. They stay in your heart forever and you start to feel the magic power of these wonderful pets. On our web-site page you'll get acquainted with wonderful Devon Rex cats. Devon Rex is great creatures with a unique sigh. Enormous eyes, a charming sigh, big ears, beautiful fair and friendliness - all these features characterize their unusual nature. They can bring you joy and happiness. They are clever, cute and communicative and are always ready to make you a company and be in a centre of all the family events. They are pretty and cute, beautiful and charming.

Your faithfully,
Helen Kostyaeva, the owner of the cattery

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